We love Youtube and . We find inspiration in the simple-minded photographic work of amateurs. We try to learn as much as possible from these amateurs and to get rid of the conventions relating to a .

We love and construction areas. At building sites one can find the greatest installations, paintings and sculptures. We are amazed how the greatest pieces of art one could even think of are created there absolutely accidental.

We love intimacy. The quiet and contemplative way of work. Especially when this mode of working is used. The interaction between me and the material. The paint, the brush, the canvas, the manual gesture.

We love to think in all categories of art. Everything can be art! The curry-sausage, the technoparty, the building site, etc. Interesting gestures, aesthetics and ideas exist everywhere.

We love to feed our work with self-irony. As a private person, as an artist, as a worker, as a .

We love to the way of working and to record it by photographs and make it to an own piece of art.

We love to deal with items depicted in photos as if they were real. In view of the real life we can indeed put make-up on the face, cut a tree, move a flower box and an injured knee.

We love to act pictures up. A different way to subvert photos is to incite these very images both through comparison of other images and recombination, in order to visualize them time and again as these baffling and seductive objects that join us permanently.

We love to think pictures as interconnected things. We believe that images come from images and appropriation is not a conceptual trick, but an unavoidable circumstance.

We love , Raoul de Keyser, Moritz von Oswald, Beneditk Kuby, Daniel Richter, Jim Jarmusch, Marieta Chirulescu and TONK.

Magazin Siegen, 2016
featured on KubaParis