This is one of the first attempts of TILO&TONI to connect photography to , not by hanging them together but by trying to create a . Relatively cryptic and prints on baryta paper, which are arranged associatively, are embraced by one or several colors. The originally transparent and unsettled exhibition room is coated with black cardboard to create calmness and to isolate it from other influences. and are virtually being absorbed by the black cardboard.

The title originates from a citation of a pop song and basically it describes the careful and approach of these two types of media. Astonishingly enough, this step turned out to be more difficult than initially expected and it evoked a certain dispute. The difficulties arose due to our deep respect for the pictures. Admittedly, the respect remained but the recognition appeared that no rules must be observed when dealing with pictures and other types of media.

Kunstverein Siegen, 2015